A Sheep in Wolves Clothing

I felt it proper to start with this tattoo in my defense against ink due to its relevance with the image tattoos can be seen as. Often tattoos are stereotyped hand in hand with sinful nature and nefarious people making one think of those whose skin has been marked had it done so by the devil himself. When people, particularly those of the church crowd, see ink on the surface they quickly pronounce its canvas as a book they’ve already read and weren’t pleased with. The very people that denounce this new generation of permanent skin design are what is often referred to as the flock of God and these sheep seem to consider this new generation as wolves.

This piece made its way onto my ankle as a stand against the odds because it has always been more than just my style that gets me convicted before I’m even put on trial. I have always been a bit rough around the edges, my lack of tact has me belligerent with the current that I wade in the opposite direction of and my refusal to continue towards there waterfall causes white rapids in a stream that expects calm waters of acceptance towards the eminent fall ahead. I will not conform to there societal ways yet I thrive within them and this strong grip on the reality of a changing time has the grandfather clocks ticked off. In their huff and puff I become the wolf while in reality I’m a sheep responding to the unmistakable voice of my shepherd.

Matthew 7:15 protests against false prophets in warning. It tells of their coming as sheep though they have an inward fury of wolves. I have been perceived in a way that becomes the opposite of this verse. As I come they see only the fury that is melting there cold and dying ways ignorant to the heart beneath my tattooed fur. With the same zeal that I praise God using my skin I will praise him even against the odds no matter the title it may receive me, I will put on this fur as a sheep of God’s flock and walk among the wolves because that is where I’m needed.

3 thoughts on “A Sheep in Wolves Clothing

  1. As i watched video you added the thought came to me that now, even those visuallyrics impaired or illiterate can get God’s word.

    Praise God, although i am not illiterate or blind i enjoyed following what was written as you shared it audably helping me iver come my own reading disability.

    I often do that with radio transcripts of messages and directly with God’s Word to keep my mind from wondering.

    Thank you again,great job.

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